You've decided to try out a yoga class at Lava! We look forward to seeing you. 


Register and buy your package (look under fees for pricing)

1-Online here or download our branded smartphone app, LAVA YOGA OSHAWA (the app icon is our logo)

2-Come in 10 min earlier.


During Covid-19:

Bring as little as belongings as you can 

You arrive 10 min prior to your class and leave after your class is over. 

Your temperature will be taken at the front.

You will be asked some self-assessment questions.

You need to wear a mask in all common areas and in the studio while you are not practicing.

Please sanitize your hands at the front before you come in.



1-FACE MASK (due to Covid, you need to ware your mark in all common area, you can remove your mask on your mat)





The showers are closed and we encourage using the washroom areas only if you have to.


LAVA's Etiquette

Cell phones:

Lava is a space where one can unplug from digital device distractions. Turn your phone off upon entering Lava.  You CAN NOT use your cell phone in the changerooms.  

Gentle voices:

Keep your voices soft in the lounge, in the studio, before and after class.  Yogis come to Lava for reflection, self-study, focus, and a quiet atmosphere. Honour yogi’s quiet space.


Arriving late:

The doors are locked right when the class starts, sorry if you are late, we can't admit you.


Personal hygiene:

Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes/colognes as well as smelling like cigarette smoke when entering the studio.  Help us provide a space where you and others can easily breathe deeply. If you do have a sensitivity to scents, let the instructor and the reception staff know.


Bolsters, blocks and straps:

Not available due to Covid.


Mat care:

Mats can get stinky from sweaty practice.  Be sure your mat is not.  Approach a staff member for suggestions on how to care for the cleanliness of your mat.



Let your instructor know of any injuries, chronic pain, if you are an absolute beginner, require to leave early, sensitivity to scents.  We would like to make sure you are taken proper care of while on your yoga mat. 


Q: I am a beginner, which classes are good for me to start my journey.


A: The classes are all levels. Please let your teacher know if you have any special needs or if you would like to share the level of your comfort in the class. We make sure you will have an AWESOME practice regardless of the level you are in.


Q: How hot are the hot classes?


A: 33-35 C, At LAVA we believe any temperature higher than your healthy natural body temperature is harmful to your body, especially for your internal organs. We also believe that free breath or Ujjayi Breath creates the internal heat that the body needs in order to cleanse and also clean any germs, virus or unwanted bacteria.

Therefore, our studio temperature in the hottest class is not higher than your own body temperature.