You've decided to try out a yoga class at Lava! We look forward to seeing you. 



1-Online here or download our branded smartphone app, LAVA YOGA OSHAWA (the app icon is our logo)

2-Come in 15 min earlier. We take care of your registration.







If you plan to rinse after practice, please bring your shower needs.





Let us fully equip you. We have everything you need for your practice in our beautiful space and they are priced lower than the market to ensure you are well taken care of in our space.



Please note we do not allow cell phones or personal bags in the yoga room. Personal bags must remain in the restroom/change area. However, you are more than welcome to leave your phone and wallet (+ small item valuables) near the staff desk in the cubbies where it will be safely guarded for you until the class is over.


LAVA's Etiquette

Cell phones:

Lava is a space where one can unplug from digital device distractions. Turn your phone off upon entering Lava.  You CAN NOT use your cell phone in the changerooms.  Cell phones are not allowed in the yoga studio. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Lower your voices:

Keep your voices down in the lounge, in the studio, before and after class.  Yogis come to Lava for reflection, self-study, focus, and a quiet atmosphere. Honour yogi’s quiet space.


Arriving late:

Respecting your space, classes start ontime and after your teacher enters the studio (practice room), we can't allow any entry to the space. Please make sure you arrive minimum 10-15 min before your class start time.


Personal hygiene:

Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes/colognes as well as smelling like cigarette smoke when entering the studio.  Help us provide a space where you and others can easily breathe deeply. If you do have a sensitivity to scents, let the instructor and the reception staff know.



Bolsters are regularly washed, disinfected and sanitized at Lava.  However, we ask you to cover the bolster with a towel when using it, especially if you have a sweaty practice.


Mat care:

Mats can get stinky from sweaty practice.  Be sure your mat is not.  Approach a staff member for suggestions on how to care for the cleanliness of your mat.



If you take a shower, please squeegee the shower walls down.  Please be mindful of how much time you spend in the shower, as others might be waiting to use it.  Especially after a busy class.



Let your instructor know of any injuries, chronic pain, if you are an absolute beginner, require to leave early, sensitivity to scents.  We would like to make sure you are taken proper care of while on your yoga mat. 


Q: I am a beginner, which classes are good for me to start my journey.


A: We believe if you start with a restorative class (check our schedule for days and times of offering) to learn the breathing techniques and coordination of breath with movements; then you can use those techniques in our yin practices (check our schedule for days and times of offering) and from there you are ready to join any class. The temperature of the class depends on your personal preferences. Remember to practice every day and give your body, mind, and soul a nourishing experience.


Q: How hot are the hot classes?


A: 33-35 C, At LAVA we believe any temperature higher than your healthy natural body temperature is harmful to your body, especially for your internal organs. We also believe that free breath or Ujjayi Breath creates the internal heat that the body needs in order to cleanse and also clean any germs, virus or unwanted bacteria.

Therefore, our studio temperature in the hottest class is not higher than your own body temperature.


Q: Why LAVA only offers one size of recovery drinks and smoothies:

A: Portion control food plan

Each drink is less than 150 cal and contains one fruit serving and one protein serving of 10 gr.


Q: Can eat raw every day? 

A: You may want to start from increments. Mindful eating will guide us through what the body exactly needs and how we can satisfy those needs in a most nourishing way.





check the schedule on the left corner of the page or download our branded LAVA YOGA Oshawa app


15 min prior to all classes




​Saturday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

​Sunday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm


1 Simcoe Street North

Oshawa, ON

(corner of Simcoe/King)




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