Taba began her yoga journey to calm her hectic corporate mind in 2007. After a couple of sessions, she realized the practice was shaping her body and soul. She soon became aware that her purpose in the Universe was shifting and started enjoying the physical and mental exercise of the practice.

The love for change and growth became the essence of her days and the fear of the unknown slowly dissolved from her heart. In 2017, Taba left her corporate executive role as CFO with the goal to cultivate more love, joy and strength in her extensions of being by creating Lava Yoga and building a beautiful community and family of teachers! She is currently the Head of Change Management and Process Improvement in Food Manufacturing. 

"I was challenged by what I perceived as "right or wrong" for almost 36 years of my life. Through this practice I learned moment by moment that I am exactly where I'm meant to be! I am here to help you become aware of your own strength, to make you aware of the power inside you, to help you, myself and this community grow in their strengths together, to be beautiful, feel beautiful and spread that beauty into the world! Being sure to have fun along the way as we each learn to trust the purpose of our being in this Universe! My love to YOU and the light in YOU. Namaste!"