Jessica brightens the room with her presence. She is a playful yoga teacher who takes you on a dreamy journey. She loves music and ensures this part of her soul is well reflected in her classes.

"Without a doubt yoga is what my mind, body & soul craves every single day. Struggling with body image, self-worth & overall confidence for several years, I sought out yoga purely for the physicality it presented. Yet I soon realized it is more than just movement. And perhaps by softening 10% in your asana, maybe by simply adding a smile to your pose, you are able to open a new window for exploration and possibly deepen your practice a bit more."

Jessica has been practicing yoga for 13 years and has always gravitated to hot yoga, fluid movement, funky flows and colorful meditations. In my classes, I like to play with thought provoking playlists, new & challenging asanas and relevant intentions or themes. I think yoga is an attainable practice for everybody and every-body. All I want to do as a teacher (and human) is spark imagination, create love and a few laughs, and make you realize your own potential.

"The community that yoga cultivates is pure MAGIC. It's family! And, I hope to see you become part of this warm community too! See you on your mat!"


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10 min prior to all classes

1 Simcoe St. N.

Oshawa ON

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