About Far Infrared Light/Heat sources:


Infrared (IR) light is natural and non-invasive and is experienced by us as heat. It is the invisible part of the sun’s light spectrum. We all need sunshine for at least two reasons - far infrared heat and Vitamin D. Far infrared heat is the heat you feel when you get in your car after it’s been parking outside. It’s the warmth you feel on your skin when you relax on the beach. We all naturally radiate infrared heat every day (even when we hug someone). Infrared light rays are the ‘warm’ energy present in all living things and is that which is emitted from sunlight. Infrared technology has advanced a great deal over the years. It can  allows you to enjoy the amazing health benefits of sunbathing – without the skin-damaging UV radiation. In fact, infrared rays (700 nm – 1050 nm, frequency 430 THz) are so safe that it’s used to warm babies in the NICU.

Infrared light penetrates deep into your body (2-7 cm) all the way to the inner layers of your skin, to your muscles, nerves and bones. IR then boosts local blood circulation, which brings more healing nutrients and pain relieving components to the area, while promoting a detoxifying sweat. Research in the last few decades has proven that this particular frequency of light offers a powerful healing boost to your body on a cellular level. Also good to note, infrared heaters heat solid objects in the room such as walls or furniture, they prevent any moisture build up on these surfaces and so inhibit the spread of damp/mould. 

A Quick Look: 10 Health Benefits of Infrared Heat

1) Can provide long lasting pain relief in muscles, joints and nerves (*)

2) Aids in calorie burning and weight loss

3) Detoxes your body

4) Promotes blood circulation

4) Boosts the immune system

5) Improves motor function (**)

6) Helps raise low body temperature

7) Promotes chronic wound healing 

8) Aids in injury recovery (NB: if you have an incurred a recent injury to your body's tissue, it's advised you wait at least 48 hours before going in to a designated Hot yoga class)

9) Helps reduce fibromyalgia pain (**)

10) Relieves chronic fatigue symptoms (*)

Please read more about Infrared Heat and it's health benefits by checking out a few of our sources: * "Health Benefits of Infrared Therapy" & ** "Benefits of Far Infrared Rays"

Who Should Avoid Infrared Light Rays


Research studies have been showing significantly more health benefits of infrared light rays yet these studies also show a few circumstances in which Infrared light rays are NOT recommended.

If you are pregnant, or there is a chance you are pregnant, it is recommended you no longer take warm yoga classes.