Due to Covid, for first phase of our re-opening, we only offer hot classes. All Yin classes are taught online.

Breathe and Beat: In this 1 hour, hot active class we will be exploring the synergy between movement and music. Whether you want to feel inspired or let loose, let the connection to the music touch your soul and enjoy the playfulness. A combination of flow, strengthening, breath-work and meditation will leave you floating out of class.

This class has music • *Hot class (95F/35C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Breathe and FlowA medium to high energy class where we connect breath to movement. We will release anything that isn't serving us. The purpose is to create space for new energy. Expect a series of flowing movement, heart and hip openers, and empowering posture. See you on your mat!

Level: Intermediate

This class has music • *Hot class (95F/35C) • Level: Intermediate

Power Body Flow: This class is definitely an intense workout that will make you SWEAT. This is a powerful, energetic 60min form of yoga that will strengthen  your body, increase flexibility, promote stamina and weight loss as well as improve posture and balance. Discover how Power Vinyasa Yoga will clear your mind and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. 

This class will have NO music • *Hot class (95F/35C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advance

*HOT classes are NOT recommended for pregnant women, if there is the suspicion of pregnancy, anyone working with a compromised heart, unmedicated high blood pressure, if you are ill or still in recovery from an illness, if you have a fever. Please see info posted about the infrared heating system (here) and visit the info about practicing in a hot room (here).


Unlimited Classes Auto-renew monthly 


10 Class Package: $200 + HST