Ashtanga Led Half Primary: Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional style of yoga developed in Mysore, India and it involves synchronizing the breath with a set sequence of progressive postures. It produces an internal heat and stimulates the muscles and organs which improves circulation, flexibility, and strength and helps to calm the mind.

This class has NO music • Normal Heat (77F/25C) • Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Ashtanga Short Form/Intro to Ashtanga:   Ashtanga practice is one of the oldest and most traditional styles of yoga.  It is a dynamic practice method. A specialized sequence of postures and focused breathing techniques.  
In this class, we focus on a shortened number of Sun Salutations A and B followed by a sequence of foundational poses held for 5 breaths.  This class will not only introduce you to Ashtanga, but also pave a strong foundation for any other modern styles of yoga popular in the west.  

This class has NO music • Normal Heat (77F/25C) • Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Breathe and Beat: In this 1 hour, hot active class we will be exploring the synergy between movement and music. Whether you want to feel inspired or let loose, let the connection to the music touch your soul and enjoy the playfulness. A combination of flow, strengthening, breath-work and meditation will leave you floating out of class.

This class has music • *Hot class (95F/35C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Breathe and Dance: (Dance/Pilates) This unique class will help you improve your strength and flexibility by moving you through the art of dance. Exercising through dance conditioning movement improves your overall fitness making you feel and look amazing. You will lengthen, tone and improve your posture with the Pilates portion of the class, whether used as a warm-up or a cool-down. Open to students of all levels. No dance experience necessary!

This class has music • Normal Heat (77F/25C) • Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Breathe and FlexThe class is an Ashtanga-inspired class with modifications along the way as needed. Expect to sweat, breathe, strengthen and explore muscles you forgot you had.

This class has music • Reduced Heat (85F/29.4C) • Levels: Intermediate/Advanced

Breathe and FlowA medium to high energy class where we connect breath to movement. We will release anything that isn't serving us. The purpose is to create space for new energy. Expect a series of flowing movement, heart and hip openers, and empowering posture. See you on your mat!

Level: Intermediate

This class has music • *Hot class (95F/35C) • Level: Intermediate

Flow Through Lunch: Take time during your lunch hour to move your body and breathe. This Flow Yoga class will involve fluid movement and explore a flow of postures that will invigorate your body, refresh your mind and nourish your spirit. And of course, the class will have the added bonus of helping you build strength, increase flexibility and create space for the breath.

This class has music • Reduced heat class (85F/29.4C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Gentle Vinyasa Flow: Start your day with a gentle flow at a slower pace focusing on breath and movement to awaken your mind and body while getting a deep stretch. Poses are held for a longer time, allowing for the opportunity to explore each asana. The longer and slower flows make this class more contemplative and meditative. Gentle Flow is for anyone who wants to move, breathe and overall just feel better for the rest of the day.

This class has music • Reduced heat class (85F/29.4C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Karma: Practice yoga on a budget while supporting a good cause and connecting with others on a deeper level of awareness.  In this class, we learn meditation and ways to observe brain activities with the intention to calm the mind. The class ends with a full body stretch.   We do less to receive more.  

This class is paid by donation (CASH ONLY PLEASE) that supports a local charity or cause seeking funding. Karma class is open to both members and non-members.  For non-members, the minimum charge is $10. 

This class has music. Reduced heat class (85F/29.4C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced


Core Energy Flow: This creative practice combines Hatha and Vinyasa with core strengthening sequences and aspects of kundalini yoga to charge the solar plexus chakra and release stagnant energies. Prepare to breathe and move your way through blockages and step back into your place of power.  

This class has music & LIVE MUSIC occasionally • Normal Heat (77F/25C) • Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Mysore: Mysore is a self-guided Ashtanga Yoga practice. In this class students flow through the half primary series at their own pace, following their own breath and begin to memorize the Ashtanga sequence. Guidance and hands-on assists are given with respect to alignment and sequence to help deepen the practice.

Power Body Flow: This class is definitely an intense workout that will make you SWEAT. This is a powerful, energetic 60min form of yoga that will strengthen  your body, increase flexibility, promote stamina and weight loss as well as improve posture and balance. Discover how Power Vinyasa Yoga will clear your mind and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. 

This class will have NO music • *Hot class (95F/35C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Sun Salute Flow: The focus of this class is on traditional Sun Salutations A and B with a mix of heart openers, hip openers and grounding poses.

This class will have NO music • Reduced heat class (85F/29.4C) • All levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Unwind, Reset and Restore: Take time during your lunch hour to breathe & stretch out the morning office knots preparing for your afternoon ahead. We will mindfully lengthen & open tightly held areas like the shoulders & hips then rest in one or two restorative postures to deeply rejuvenate the mind & body. You'll head into your afternoon refreshed & ready! 

This class has music • Reduced heat class (85F/29.4C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa flow is a moving meditation, is a dynamic breath-focused practice that utilizes sun salutations to link intelligently sequenced poses into a continuously flowing organic whole. 

This class has music • Reduced heat class (85F/29.4C) • All Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Yin/Yang Energy Balance: This class provides a balance of effort and ease combining high-energy Yang-inspired asana with calming, Yin-style resting postures.

Each class cultivates stability and strength across your entire body. We begin with a slow sequence to open up the hips, side body, shoulders or spine. As the flow moves to a faster pace, we play within a mindful alignment-based vinyasa flow to tone and strengthen the body while synchronizing the breath with movement. In the second half of class, we slow down and unwind with Yin-focused postures that promote flexibility and range of motion. This structure allows us to experience both exertion and release in one fully comprehensive class.

This class will have music • Reduced Heat (85F/29.4C) * Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Yin/Yang Flow: A dynamic balance between power flow and deep yin release. Emphasis will be placed on a fluid movement to get the energy flowing and strengthen the body paired with longer held floor postures to increase circulation and flexibility by targeting connective tissues. "Breath & flow. Relax & let go."

This class will have music, LIVE MUSIC occasionally• Reduced Heat (85F/29.4C) * Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Prenatal (Pre-registered): Prenatal Yoga at Lava Yoga is based on helping build strength and comfort during pregnancy. This class leads you through balancing breath work and guided vinyasa flow to ease and strengthen the body before childbirth. The class will end with gentle supported stretching and restorative poses to find comfort during the body's transitions in pregnancy.

This class will have music • Normal Heat (77F/25C) * Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

*HOT classes are NOT recommended for pregnant women, if there is the suspicion of pregnancy, anyone working with a compromised heart, unmedicated high blood pressure, if you are ill or still in recovery from an illness, if you have a fever. Please see info posted about the infrared heating system (here) and visit the info about practicing in a hot room (here).

FEES (Senior & Students)

Single Class: $15

Package of 5: $72

Package of 10: $128

Unlimited (3 months commitment for summer students): $150

Unlimited Auto-Renew:

Seniors: $80

Students: $65

FEES (regular)

Single Class: $20

Package of 5: $90 

Package of 10: $160

Unlimited: $145

Unlimited Auto Renew: $100

Unlimited Yearly: $999

FEES (Fitness Program)

Monthly: $180*

Monthly Auto-renew: $120*

One Health Scan: $25

*includes 4 Health Scan


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