Brenda Niedermaier

Brenda manages Digital, Traditional Marketing and Business Development for a single store dealership in Oshawa.
Brenda has a degree in Computer Science – Bilingual from Glendon College, York University, but she honed her skills in Customer Service during the breakup of the telephone monopoly as a Trainer in Customer Relationship Management.
Years ago, to stay sane and balanced in work and home responsibilities, Brenda turned to yoga. Yoga helps calm the swell of busyness! Finally, when the children were grown and gone, becoming a Yoga Teacher was an obvious choice - a way to fill the silence of an “empty nest” and give back to the yoga community that supports her. Brenda knows that it’s easy to feel selfish about reclaiming your time and that we are often measured or judged by how busy we are or how close to being burned out we get. She learned that caring for yourself is important as caring for the people and work commitments in one’s life.
Now trained to safely teach Hatha, Flow, Restorative and Yin yoga using Ahimsa (Sanskrit for non-harming) principles, Brenda spends her time away from work practicing or teaching yoga. Ahimsa yoga has become her guiding principle for moving through life with ease and grace.
Brenda is so very honoured to meet you on your mat.